. Green Roofs Ireland


Installing a green roof goes a small way to replacing the nature destroyed by building

However, there are plenty of good reasons to incorporate a green roof into the design of a building or to install one on an existing building.

Recent EU legislation outlines the need for interlinked green spaces to be at the heart of future housing and urban developments. The emphasis will be on increasing biodiversity and improving quality of life in towns and cities. This will be achieved with a variety of design solutions incorporating green roofs, green walls, managing open water, gardens and park life.

We can show you how installing your own green roof can:

  • - Reduce energy consumption
  • - Increase thermal insulation
  • - Extend the lifespan of your roof waterproofing
  •   membrane by 400%
  • - Reduce noise polution and create sound insulation
  • - Reduce storm water runoff by up to 80%
  • - Enhance photovoltaic performance
  • - Preserve /creation habitat
  • - Improve building air quality
  • - Increase efficiency of solar panels
  • - Increase biodiversity
  • - Obtain planning gains
  • - Reduce urban heat island effect

and will generally make your green roof more pleasing to the eye!